Thursday, September 18, 2014

Drug update & my second opinion

So.. knowing I would have to taper off my existing drug to even consider a new one...I have been dropping my dose and damn... instant effect.. booooo back to crying nightly. seriously? How bloody stupid is that? Anyway, through the caring friend that I have.. my brain clouds get chased away for another evening.
I am sorta scared of tonight when I drop another 5mg.. eep... still as the Yiddish proverb says

SOOO I got up early to see another doctor. I even DROVE to campbelltown.  Met my mother who took me to the place. (Hard to find)  I got to see Dr.Ishfaq. For once.. I got to explain my situation and not be interupted. I explained my side effects and what I was looking for. He asked if, otherwise, my lexapro was working.. and then.. rang the pharmasist. He asked his opinion and what I could take that would lessen my side effects and then asked me to return tomorrow to gave some blood tests.

WELL. Colour me impressed.
1. I got to talk. What I had and what I wanted.
2. he didn't google
3. he asked questions.
4. he rang a drug expert for drug advise
5. he is going to investigate to see if I have any underlying issues.

5 points there that I had never experienced before.  Usually its interupting me.. buy this.. thank you and get out.  I even got to ask a follow up question as I left.

It remains to be seen if this new drug can help but damn, at least I know he had tried to help. Now to try to get my arse to the pathologist for 7am..

Did you know there was a 7am?? Who knew?


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