Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Its a good day

Not even 11am.. and I've had the best day that I've had in ages. (Without being on anti-depressants)

I had to get up at 5am.. ughhhhh not the best start, and it was COLD! Ok it was 12C but COLD for my 5am.. I was going to stay in bed and make the drs another time. I was supposed to see him at 7am and therefore the 0612 train gets me there in time for a coffee then see him.

Made an effort to look like I was human and heels on.. wandered to the station. Bill was there helping the OPAL people. (Yeah we get the stupid spam here) The train was cancelled but as I had committed to walking down in heels.. I lurked and Bill came over to say hello. He started with.. "Wow you look good today"  Hello good mood. !!! Its lovely when random people notice when you make an effort.

Had coffee with him in his office and we nattered with the locals that, like me hung around or the train. It wasn't really cancelled but 25 late so Bill didn't want the locals hanging around and missing their train out of Macarthur. Good move. 25 late is essentially cancelled. 

Onwards to the Drs surgery, I was now 30mins late. Oh well. 

The dr gave me all the results from my blood tests. I am low in Vit D.. and slightly elevated in cholesterol.. but for over 40.. healthy.. so my mental health has no physical reason. YAY??? I think.

Well the next would usually send me to macdonalds for a Big breakfast and extra hash browns.. but did't burst my bubble today. The Dr said as you are obese....... I just laughed. I Have lost from Nov 2013, 33kg.. I am overweight but frankly I am in a happy place with my body. OK I have a belly but show me the perfect body and I'll check the EXIF data for photoshop. 
ANYWAY as I am obese and depressed.... I am eligible for a Government funded 2mths Gym membership and a care program.  I get a free gym membership for being fat and healthy.. but when I was in dire need of help.. I got nothing.. Go figure.
If you are like me and live in OZ.. get help for depression and you can get a free gym membership. HA. Thanks Medicare.. how about something useful like.. DENTISTRY. 

I wandered to Campbelltown mall. I was going to walk to Macarthur for the bank but I had 90 minutes to kill before they opened. 
I had a lovely breakfast of Vegemite toast and coffee... AWESOME. Made just the way it was at boarding school. I had some pleasant flashbacks. 

I love these shoes.. Just had to slip them in 
Wandered K-mart when I get a call. It said private number GRRRRR but I broke my rule and answered it. YAY!! It was a close friend and I wandered the store happily. By the end of the call, my happy bubble was even more firm than before. I had an armful of things I had picked up.. oops.. Had to try some things on.. but I was in a dress so I had no tee and didn't think to grab one on the way in.
Forgive the bra guys.. 

I felt the overalls were cute.. maybe I am wrong... LMK!!! Seriously.. I can return them if I need to. 
After people being so positive about the yellow dress, I am second guessing myelf as I see lots and lots of things my son and close friend insist that ppl don't see.  SO I am turning to you guys. LMK but leaving a message. 

Yay? Nah? I feel slinky and sexy

Cute but is it for me??? I promise to wear a shirt next time
 On the way home, I bailed on my tattooist and my bank. I need to get fuel and drive tomorrow. Nelson misses me.. Of course.. I am paying his way through life.. HA! I have issues with his previous work that he needs to address, I think he rushes too much and after meeting Thai tattooists that shoo others away when I am in the chair.. work for 6 hours without a break and are gentle.. I am rethinking tattooing. Mother has promised to drive me to my next one.. Near the QLD border!! I need to get an appointment and cash..

Fairy ring

I need a Bex and a good lie down. 

LMK Your opinions. on my outifts. 



You are making me poorer!!!


  1. Damn me for what?! The picture didn't come up. I'm sowwee! I'm glad you had a good day. :)

  2. Ah drat. I'll try and load it again for you heehee

  3. When you get your next tat, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! :P

  4. I'm just getting the Photobucket no entry sign of doom. :(

  5. AHA! I'm a bad influence. Woop woop! :)


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