Monday, September 22, 2014

mixed bag

I have spent the last week, in house clothes. I have rarely given two hoots of how I looked and of course this is not good for moods. If you can fake it by looking good, usually the mood will follow.  BUT I am stubborn and lazy so I stayed in leggings and a tank top sometimes a bra sometimes not even. (Oh dear white trash here) Ugg boots have been the essential footwear. (Not to the shops! Even I draw the line)

I did redye my hair to red and orange and yellow but the yellow throws off a lot of green tinge.. BOOOO. I had enough pay to pay for my groceries and my mortgage an nothing else. Argh. My idea of driving in the lovely spring countryside has been tempered by no fuel.
Oh well.

I got dressed today in an effort to pull my socks up.

and headed to the bank at Tahmoor. A huge trip! HAHAHA. Still a chore that had to be done. I still have to brush my hair.. but hey! I'm washed and dressed.. lets not go too far..

I battled with the lawn last week and it beat me.. and my new mower.. but today was a rematch and this time I prevailed. It took over an hour to tackle sector 3 and once I had managed to prevail, I was enthused enough to finish the rest of the 1/4 acre of grass. (Re weeds with some grass)

I received a dress in the mail. Not my usual style and as I tried it on.. all my insecurties came to a head. I posted it on Instagram with a whinge but the feedback was positive. I have to look in the mirror with someone else's eyes I feel. All I saw was my belly sticking out prominently but as I added a black belt to lift the eye, it seems to improve. My assets are squished but at least they will stay mostly concealed.... alas, I have to remember the rule your mother always told us girls. (Or in my case my great grandmother) Sit with your legs closed. Ladies always sit with their knees together. I never really worried as I wore jeans as a kid and all the way through to my 40s... But with this dress.. it is so tight and short.. I would have to have my knees together or lose all my secrets to the public...



Dress from FB - City Chic XS (Around a16 aus, 18 UK and 14 USA)

Any tips on styling this dress? I have small heels... but big necklaces??? Small?? Add earrings?? Stick with black accessories?? GO yellow?? Or red or what??

You guys will see this as summer progresses!

Fake confidences until you make it.

Last day of tapering and tomorrow arvo NEW DRUG!!



  1. The dress is great. I'd accessorise with either yellow or black to pull out those colours. xx

  2. Hmm I think I have some yellow things...I deff have black! Thanks xo


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