Saturday, September 27, 2014

OK .. a quiet day

**Warning ** My blog near the bottom has a road kill pic. **

I spent the day catching up on my blog.. on and off.
I was arranging my google music account as I hit the 20,000 song limit that google has so things had to be deleted. No issue.. David has our whole music collection on the NAS so If I really want something I'll just get it again later.
Such a music whore... hahaa

Found some DJ Bl3nd for download so I nabbed some tracks.  YAY. 

Spend time in the sun in the daisy dress seen in the Aussie Curves post. The side yard to David's house is the perfect spot in Junee for me. I am rarely anywhere else. 

Aside from catchup and music sorting I did nothing but sip coffee and have a tub of yoghurt. :-) 
I went for my usual 6km route through Junee in the evening just before sunset. I stepped out of the door in a happy, relaxed mood.. loud music and headphones. 

**Road Kill Pics below. Stop now..If this upsets you **

and the first thing I saw was a poor snake deliberately run over 
 AW> No need to kill our protected native wildlife just because you are biased. Dude you LIVE IN THE COUNTRY!!!  IF YOU DON'T LIKE SNAKES MOVE TO THE CITY AND LIVE IN FLATS.  FFS.

I found him like this.. so I made sure the head wasn't able to scratch me and I moved him gently to the grass where the crows can make a meal out of him.  I am so sad humans are so horrible to things that are not cute and fluffy. I don't care if you hate snakes, they have every right to live quietly and eat rodents. Quite a large snake, he would have been several years old. Now very sad, I continued my walk. 

I'm sorry snake. I hope you bring a meal to others. May your death not be a waste. 

I got home after an hour or so.. I slacked off up the hill, its been a long while since I did this route. I did run a little.. but over all I have slowed down. BOOO.

The rest of the evening has been still catching up .


  1. Girl, you have AMAZING legs! I love both of these on you - well done for facing your fears xx

  2. Thank you, I am actually looking forwards to summer now.. :-)

  3. Thank you! I went to the pub in the red one.. for a minute I was self conscious but I faked it and very quickly got comfortable with such a shirt skirt. xoxo

  4. You have lovely legs, so glad you're starting to share them!! It's such a liberating feeling when you start to do it and realise that THE WORLD DIDN'T END!! Also, we have the same overalls! Yay!! xx

  5. Thank you and it was because of your overall that I went hunting for them. I have to thank you. Would never have gone to Kmart for clothes otherwise.

  6. Yay for freeing those pins!

    I ADORE those overalls - totally babein'

  7. Looking fab! My big fear would be wearing yellow but you pull that off with ease too.

  8. Thank you so much. Yellow is a new colour to my wardrobe. Up until last week even when I received a yellow strapless dress that I was terrified of. I put it on and posted it and tada!! Its a yellow dress and I am into colour besides Black, red and white. Another step in my growth! :-) Thank you for the lovely comment xoxo

  9. YAY for cute overalls! @Horror Kitsch Bitch had them a few posts ago and I HAD to own them. K-Mart $25 total win

  10. Those overalls are adorable! Looking great. Work those legs!!!

  11. They are too cute. I can't get enough of wearing them. Haha


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