Outfits for Traveling

Been still doing a photo or two of my outfits mostly because it's fun so here are a few from.. the past week or so. Well since the end of outfit august.

This is the 1st of Sept to the 6th with the 2nd missing. Didn't do an OOTD for some reason.

Thailand was all dresses and skirts. The humidity was a killer and I didn't even strap up my belly as I was supposed to as there was no way to keep clean without showers all the time. A bandage would be constantly wet or always pulled off hence it was better to just let it all hang. (SO to speak)

Arrival in Sydney
On the train clothes are mostly, as before, dresses as they are so very comfortable on the train.

So endth my trip to Thailand and across Australia on the Indian Pacific.
I don't return to work for antoehr week or two.. Much to do and yet nothing set in stone. Painting the bedroom finally maybe...
Today I got a modcloth dress that fit and spent my AM in jeans and tee.

AND I have put on 3-4 kg whilst away. ARGH

What do you wear when travelling?


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