Saturday, September 6, 2014

Security Thai style

A late wake up.. I had slept like the dead.  Tattooing for 8 hours or so takes it out of you.
I didn't want to move but had to get up when David pointed out we only had 30 or so minutes for breakfast left.  Damn.

Bed hair. Boo

Breakfast for the last time in Phuket 

Goofy hats for a walk

Right back to pack.. Boo then we left the bags with reception and settled by the pool next to Neil.  I spent the time talking to him and updating my journal.  I have fallen behind as it's hard to do when always on the go.

Kristy and Neil had an appointment for a massage at the hotel but due to a situation beyond their control and caused by the sponsors of the hotel.. They were told that their voucher was not valid.  I was angry for them. Boo.  The hotel should be more forgiving. 


David and I had lunch in the restaurant and then walked down to the hairdressers and laundry.  I had 1000฿ still (around  $30) so I wanted a wash and blow dry then the laundry pick up.

All straight 

Wandered back and rejoined Neil and Kristy until our bus arrived to pick us up and drag us away.  Booo

Traffic was as expected for a Friday evening in a city.  Our driver did a lot of Thailand manoeuvres which is Amartya terrifying.  Grumble.

Out into the heat at the airport,  we had to be x rayed to enter the building with our bags getting a blue sticker.

I decided to change into the clothes I would need in Perth.  I had seen the weather in Sydney and Perth.. But as soon as I turned to close the stall door in the toilets.. I dropped my nicely laundered and folded t shirt straight in to the toilet.  Noooooooooooo!! Crap.  I had to rush out and get a new shirt from David and rush back in.  Argh.  My poor shirt.  Gross.

Tragedy aside.. We went to check in but were sent back to have a bag search.  There was a gaggle of people waiting for the bag search and only one was causing a scene. Just Mellow and let them do their search.
Allowed to check in.. Our seats were changed to allow David to have leg room... Ok...  Alas now middle and aisle.

Immigration was hilarious as I had accidently left my bottle of water from the hotel in my carry on so the lady took out and set it aside. 
David grabbed it and sculled it to the amazement of the ladies who burst into giggles. They were even more delighted when I complained that it was my water and now he needed to get me a new drink.  
The dour faced passport guys broke into smiles at the faces I made a their camera and waved me through.  Heehee made the guy's day.  
We perused the lounge area but didn't find much.  We were hoping to  use up. Our remaining Baht but the lounge didn't want our money.  Their eftpos machine wasn't working and they wanted us to take cash out of the atm. Nooo we needed less baht not more so we camped at the base of a pillar and used the power points.  I made a nest and stayed put.  David went foraging and found a burger place that randomly threw ingredients into a paper and wrapped it up.  Unimpressed.  Nice but presentation guys! 

Boarding call at gate 66 which meant a bus to the plane.. We lined up for yet another bag search and then off to the plane! 

Settled in and had to squeeze with three abreast.  Booo. I spied an empty row and asked to move but a bikie beat me to it.  Drat. 

After take off I found another row and offered it to David but as the seats didn't recline in that row,  he refused.  I took the row,  had dinner and went to sleep. 

Would you believe it? I spent the  hours tossing and turning dreaming of airplane crashes.  Fabulous.  

Woke up on descent into Perth. Great timing. 

Immigration was painless with e-passport,  I collected my suitcase and went to declare my drugs and my tea that had travelled from Sydney with me this whole way.  I was waved through again.  Is blonde and black hair less suspicious than my normal red and black? Odd. 

Still I took it and bolted for the bus only to miss it.  Boo.  

A cold and wet Perth. 

Bus into town and we stopped for an all you can eat brekkie which was ok at best.  Very little selection for the cost.  

Check in to the hostel wasn't until at least 11 so we dropped our bags and wandered back to the station.  David had a discussion with an SA about the tickets before we went to the underground platforms.  I stayed on the concourse of PUG and another SA approached me about the ads I was photographing.  We ended up having a long conversation and my ticket expired in the meantime.  Oops. 
She let us off the station but as we were not given the correct information about tickets,  she arranged for us to have a blue ticket to  cover our journey for the rest of the day.  Awesome customer service..
David wanted to see Clarkson station so that's where we headed. He fell asleep. Booo. 

Arriving in Clarkson it was cold and raining so I scurried undercover and willed the next train  to arrive soon.  Brrrr . After a week of over 30C this was cold! 
 Back at Perth it was time to check in. Thank goodness. 
The room was bare.. Ok..  But the window was broken.  Hmmm it did have plastic over it but still. .  Dodgy and it overlooked a yard and pub.  It's Saturday night.. Again.. Hmmmm. 

David fell asleep and I was left to my own devices..  

Later we used our blue ticket to head across the ferry.  Their ferries are single man operation which was very impressive. The rain was heavy now and the ferry started to leak through the emergency exit.  Chuckle.. 
The captain was happy for a chat and another person with my sense of humour.  Totally awesome.  Shame the weather was so shitty.  

We skulked back to the nearest pub. . But David was refused entry owning to his shorts.  It's the afternoon for goodness sake not after 8pm.. Odd behaviour for a pub.  
Moving onwards. A cat bus up to the shops so I could buy a hair-dryer. (a cheap travel one)
Stopped at the court hotel that let us in even with David's shorts.
A lovely  dinner and an early night but the kids under the Window partied until around 0530hrs. Arghh. 

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