Tuesday, September 16, 2014

the depressing thing about anti depressants

Had an appointment last week and complained to my doctor about an undesirable side effect with Lexapro which is otherwise working well. I managed to travel without having a breakdown in a country where I spoke none of the language. WHilst I was anxious about being away from the safety of the resort, I dealt with it calmly. I was, by the end of the week able to walk down the road to my favourite tattooist without a panic attack. So... for the most part.... Lexapro works... Except in one respect.
Its personal.. and as my mother in law reads this, I'll leave it as that.

SO I went to the dr last week. He brushed me off and gave me a repeat. Hmm ok.. I was told to go away and find something I think may be more suitable..

I thought he was the DR... but OK.. I turned to a friend who has experience in these drugs. I got a few suggestions to ask about.

Today, I went back.

I brought my list to the doctor and he dismissed the idea. He suggested another drug.. I reminded the doctor that I have strict rules at work RE drugs and again I was brushed aside. I also pointed out that I cannot take what is essentially a sleeping tablet once a day as I wouldn't be able to take it at the same time everyday. He stated I should just take it as I go to bed even if its 31 hours after the previous tablet.

This is ringing alarm bells in my head. I am not completely stupid. I have enough noise to be able to research things.  I also have learned ppl in the medical field that have been able to give me some guidance and education.. I have looked up this new drug... there is NO WAY I can take this and keep my job. What is my doctor thinking? Oh, he just googled it.

AARRGGHHHH I could just scream.

I am heading for a second opinion.


  1. Sometimes doctors are such arses! My anti depressant has a horrible effect in that it often leaves me unable to arrive at O Town, if you catch my drift. ;)

    One time I went to see a different doctor (my own was away) and the stupid bitch told me to take my anti anxiety pill before bed. It's an UPPER and the stupid cnut told me to take it before bed. I swear she did it for shits and giggles.

  2. Thats my problem Leah.. I cant get there... Its so very frustrating that I am on the hunt for a new pill... NO ONE LISTENS.. is it so hard to get me the right tablet? It has to exist right???? argh!!

  3. Aarrghhhhh, I feel ya. I think it's a common problem. I have buzzing friends to help. Penetration ain't enough! :D

  4. Even that doesn't work..ARRGHHHH

  5. Aaaarggghhh. Man I hope they can sort this out.

  6. Thanks hun (oops missed this comment(


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