Uncontrolled - Sept 25

Settling in for the night, last night, I realised that I had forgotten my nasal spray. I cannot sleep in Spring and Autumn without nasal spray. I am dependent on it for around 4 months of the year. SOOOOOO I didn't sleep.. Well less than the little that I usually do. This also meant, I was up around 7am. Hmmm
We headed off to David's friend, Ben's place. He had done last night's train and had massive issues in Victoria so had nopt arrived back in Junee until after 3am. We spoke to his mother in the rain for a while before Ben appeared. He didn't want to go to Wagga so we left him to sleep.

Off to Wagga Wagga, to see if we could find an IP6 for David but to no avail. If he had wanted a 16Gb phone then there are heaps but no one wants them. LOL He is on the waiting list and thats OK. Oh well.. failing this endeavour, we went for Yvonne shopping.. got some costume jewellery to suit some of my dresses and off to Aldi for some shapewear. Its not high constriction, more of smooth the bumps type shapewear. Stop my shirt getting stuck.. lol $10 how can I lose? Plus I can return the items. (If I had not lost the receipt.. Boo) I even found mother's coffee that she can't buy in Sydney. She will be pleased.
I did get a new battery at Telstra. 

Wandered to JB hi-fi and browsed. We discovered the Surface has actually improved and worth using now. Now I had a way of having a tablet that will manage my photos. COOOOL. Time to retire some tablets and my other SSD laptop. Good.
We headed up to HN where Kylie worked and I talked to him about the surface. His store had 50 months interest free but alas Windows and apple products were exempt. I was straight up with hi,m about my finances... we talked about extending my lease on my old computer so .. back to the phones to the lease company. All went well and I extended my lease (OK I AM STUPID OK!!!) at the very very end.. the lady stated my first payment will be almost $500 What!! ?? eeppp. **HEADDESK!!** GEEZ I have two weeks to find a spare $250 sigh. My own fault and I realise I may have a shopping issue..  Major ouch.
Onwards with my new (VERY EXPENSIVE) toy to the RSL for lunch. We were hoping for their buffet lunch but they no longer offer that during the week. Oh.. BOOOO. Lunch was very ordinary and they really should bring back the buffet.

Knights Meats is an institution in Wagga Wagga. It has the BEST selection and the yummiest meats in the area. Everything is awesome. Got some lovely fresh racks for David's Birthday dinner. (Its on the 10th but I will be back at work). As usual we spend too much but you can't go wrong here. 
Finally heading home.. that day escalated very quickly.. hmmmmm I am sorta stressing about my lease but what is done is done. I'll find a way. 

Pricey Toy!
 Home and David left me to unpack all the meat and he went to meet Ben, another XPT driver at the snake pit to shoot a train off the branch? Or shunting or something. Meh. I was surprised when he rang me to get ready as the sun had come out and I would be able to get some canola shots. WHEE
are my shorts too short? I ponder 

Overcast from the AM

Great for running out of the house. Yes I got the overalls. 

Busy bee day ended with me cooking Chicken with bacon and fig and a yummy walnut salad., Hmmm


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