10 things I have no time for

10 Things I don’t have time for
 Stealing Leah's banner too 

I saw Leah’s blog about things she doesn’t have time for. I am a dry old crone and have lots of things that I have no patience for. Some are very similar to Leah’s.

  1. Teens on IG that say KIK me, Ugh.. No I prefer men not children for starters. There is so much wrong with this I can’t even start on it. Actually KIK in general shits me. I hate it and I have no interest in using it.
  2. Still on IG.. Weight loss companies who follow my account and  who think I need to be healthier. FUCK OFF. Whilst I can improve, your shitty product ain’t going to help.
  3.   People with an opinion on tattoos and loud mouth. Don’t like my tattoos??  Here is how many fucks I give....... 
  4. Phone calls from unknown numbers 99% it’s a harassing call. What annoys me is on occasion it’s a skype call that I want to answer so I have to answer them.. GRR
  5. Skype not putting the phone number up when ppl call. See above.
  6. Charity spruikers. The ambush you when all you want to do it go for a coffee and go to work. Mind you, I now say to them, I am not interesting in your product, but as a person, how are you? How has your day been?? They are usually so disarmed that they have a open mouthed expression, I usually get a smile when they recover.. Central station is overrun with them.
  7. People who drive in the fast lane FOR NO REASON. You cause traffic issues behind you. Go and die. Seriously. (OK this may be a pet hate) It is not your god given right to be a traffic hazard.
  8. People with no lights on their cars. I live in a semi rural area. Its dark with no street lights and sometimes super foggy. Check that you have lights!!!! Its not brain surgery.  I have nearly run into a few cars in the dark and gloom going slow in the right lane.  Are you mental? 
  9. Kangaroos. Suicidal fucks.
  10. People on the train with no bloody earbuds. Your music is crap and even more crap through tiny speakers. Earphones make better neighbours.

Intolerant? Bah.

What are you 10 things? 


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