Saturday, October 11, 2014

A day at the doctors

It wasn't supposed to be a whole day.... I had to go and get a referral then see mother for coffee before breakfast before heading in to CBT a second time to see the surgeon for a follow up.

Nothing ever goes to plan..

Arrived in the dawn light for the doctor to open.. I like to be his first appointment.. No one was around. The day was cool.. around 12C.

I'm not good at 6am

The dr saw me and I did qualify for a referral. Yes.. I am crazy... sigh. the voices in my head were right. Medicare will pay for up to 12 sessions.. Hmmm lets hope I don't need all 12.. 

Returned to my car and though.. well I will not see a better park later, maybe mother can come to me and pick up her milk. She agreed to pop down, but when she arrived, she decided to see my dr too as she is not getting better. Umm.. OK.. back I go to make sure she manages. 

My dr send her for blood tests, an ECG and a chest x-ray..I fell asleep waiting for her to do all the tests. I was that tired.. 

We headed off to get some toast and coffee.  By this time, I was in great need of a coffee

I even convinced mother to have a slice and a half. YAY!

We wandered around KMart, I was looking for the skater dress Kristie told me about but I couldn't find it unitl the very end. I did find some $3 tees for my collection and a head band or two. Mother went a tad nuts in the $5 tee selection.. We had to head off to the to doctors.. she to the X-ray people and me to my follow up.

The surgeon had missed the his train. I had to wait an additional 30 minutes.. his next appointment appeared too, she was there for botox.I was happy to sit but she was miffed.

Anna showed my original pics.. and the ones after the surgery. I didn't think there was all that ,uch difference.. but there is!.
I talked to him about my sore back.. but he thinks give it more time to heal. My back also has a lot of loose skin.. Sigh.. That is not retracting as well as the front as I can't reach it as easily and I tend to pull off my girdle at night. Sigh. Still it is looking that my skin is healing soooooo I may not need a full abdominalplasty. Cool. Its still on the cards but further down. the next few months will see. I would like to not have the under ribs bulge that he left there.. **Glowers**

Met up with mother who bought me a present.. COOL! SOOO cute. A new luggage set.. Hmm I have no travel in my near future.. but ok. Its so me though.

ONwards to coles and I was beyond exhausted now.. zzzzz I bought the groceries so we could go home.

Ccoffee at mothers then home to lie down. SOOO tired but arvo/late night tomorrow for work so.. I have to try to stay awake.

Yawning already.

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