Friday, October 31, 2014

A day for me.

Every girl needs a beauty day. After a hard week, I had a day spent on myself. I couldn't afford to get my nails done.. maybe next pay.. but I felt happy and relaxed. The only thorn in my side is my data on my mobile is now totally gone. BOOO.
How does one go through 1gb in one hour ? ARGHHH

On well nothing could pop my happy bubble. The weather is hot and sunny and I got my vitamin D dose.  As it is October 31, here its Beltaine.. but you can't fight stupid so.. out came the very cute ASOS Ghost dress. Light and cute perfect for 30C walking. David helped me ham it up

Slip slop slap!! Always
I parked at the chemist and walked up to the laser ladies. They were as lovely and welcoming as always. They think my mother is so cute.. hahaha... We had lots of giggles. 
An hour later..I walked up to the square to see the eyebrow lady. She was also lovely and by the end I had awesome eyebrows and a smile. 
Back to the chemist to grab my supplies and off to the reptile shop for pet food. 

Home and I get a lovely phone call. This topped a fabulous day. 



  1. As always - you're breathtaking

  2. Oh! Xoxox that's left of field my love but thank you. It's funny to me as I honestly don't see that. To me I am looking haggard.. Thank you xoxox

  3. Absolutely not haggard. You're positively radiant in that gif m'dear! x x x


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