Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A dream realised

A minor one.. but a tick on my non existent bucket list.

I was having a quiet last day in Junee with the plan of leaving for Picton when D went to work.

I had rung my favourite cosmetic tattooist for an idea of finally getting my lips tattooed. They go white/blue when I am tired or cold.. I look like a corpse. I have wanted lip tattoing since I was old enough to get tattoos, but to find a GOOD tattooist is tough. When you are talking about your FACE.. it pays to be picky.

My eyes were tattooed years and years ago and recently you all read that I had them touched up as cosmetic tattoos only last a few years due to the skin being a muscus type membrane.

Lips only last 3-4 years.. cost a bomb and so few people can acutally do it. The lady who used to do my eyes went to become a full time mother to her cute little offsprings.. BOO

The lady, Nicole, in Wagga wagga runs several Beauty Therapy courses in the Riverina across 3 campus. She also travels to Melbourne for a uni course in laser treatment.


I left a message.. could she see me..?? I got a return call around 1500hrs from Maddie, the girl who fields Nicole's calls. She would see as Nicole was in Melb.

The answer around 1530 was yes Nicole would see me at 8pm. YAY!! But Boo as that meant David wouldn't be able to go with me.

BOO And lost my arvo to having to nap. I slept for 3 hours until someone messaged me about a radio program. **Grrr**

OK !! Before...

and the minute after tattooing them for an hour.. 

Serious Duck face.. and sooooooo red..

5 hours later.. (around 2 am)

Still serious duck face

and 12 hours. later.. slightly less puffy.. I am crossing my fingers that by tomorrow they will start to fade to pink

OK will update later in the week. 


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