And Modcloth delivers After a month.. sigh

As the weather is soo cold and miserable.. I am under the impression that we missed spring and summer and whizzed fast forward to Autumn..
SOOO In honour of Autumn in October..Here is a Thanksgiving dress.

Modcloth Dress and Cardi!

Cutest green shoes

Modcloth Shoes! SOO comfy

The Sights to Seasons dress - Modcloth available up to 4xl. This is 1X I am not loving it without the cardi.. Alas the cardi was sold out in my size at the time so I went up to 2xl.. maybe it till shrink. **Fingers crossed** The fabric is well sewn together.. I have had Modcloth dresses that look like a half arse job and I have sent them back. The elastic waist I hate but I have a trusty belt. TADA!! I have left in a photo of the dress with no belt. The tiny sleeves sit funny and my bra fat oozes.. BUT.. With s light cardi or shrug.. All is well. Its a unique dress. 

Pining for Poetry Heels.. Padded insoles.. Great heel height for going to work . Alas these are a tad small for my size 9 foot. Not enough for me to send them back but I'll need to stock bandaids
And the cardi.. I got this is the honey (More like mustard) and the sage (Olive) colour. 

All of these took over a month to get to me. GRR Seriously for the cost they charge for shipping you would think under 30 days would be reasonable. 

The cardigans are light. A very thin material and I love them. The Sage one was new but the honey one looks like it was returned by someone as the cardi was all scrunched up. BOO. Can't people fold things? Can't Modcloth fold things?? Is it so difficult? Long in the body.. I am used to crop cardies so this takes some getting used to for me. I Would even hazard going for two sizes down.. Hmm,.Still great for the inbetween season.

I'm being a bit random, I know..

Now I have office hours for a week.. what to wear...


  1. They look good. Was it very painful? xxx

  2. Hilarious. Xoxox. Me attempting to be flirty and failing

  3. Nono.. All. Cosmetic tattooist use a dental anaesthetic and so.. If it becomes painful wince and speak up! Nicole is a lady I trust.. She is kind and gentle and willing to work all hours of the night to fit out of town customers. What hurts is the healing.. All chopsticks and and lipsticks ate banned until healed or you will get a nasty scarring infection. Who wants that! Bepanthen only. It's killing me.. No lipstick for a week... The lips have to fade and settle and then session two! You can't work on swollen skin easily..

  4. Thank fuck for that, otherwise it'd probably be the grimmest tattoo imaginable! :D I thought going into my armpit was bad, hahaha.


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