Sunday, October 5, 2014

Aussie Curves - Animal print.

Animal Print

I slid open my wardrobe to ponder this week's challenge. To my great surprise, I had several options.
So.. being in a buzzy, happy mood...I indulged in some dress ups. 
I tried on all bar three items that I had in some form of print. 

Without further ado.. 

The red dress is
Tatyana Vintage Vixen Pinup Red Pencil Dress with Leopard Jacket in sixe 2Xl I got it from the local pinup store in Campbelltown ages ago

The Bikini is from Swimsuits for all in Snake print. This was going to be my first ever bikini but it didn't arrive until after my Thailand trip. My husband challenged me by buying one in Thailand This is USA size 14 which is def a size 16 on top. I am being a ham as I was talking to a friend at the time. Why not. I was told to own it.. so YAY!
The leopard print tip is Collectif 3xl.. its too big now but I don't love super fitted cotton shirts. I will probably dig this out for arvo shift.  I had it paired with an Autograph skirt size 14 but the image doesn't want to load. GRR

Finally as some people did prints with animals.. I grabbed my fav octopus dress. Made by Too fast its a 2xl. Tight up top originally but now seems to fit better. (Losing bust size!!! Oh noZ!)

Now.. If anyone wants to come over and show me how to use my camera and this new fangled remote control.. Please do so. Summer is coming and my lawn is newly mowed.. looks much nicer than my bedroom

I am thrilled to discover these piece I had forgotten about. Be prepared to see some again (OK maybe not the bikini)


  1. loads of awesome pieces! red and leopard together are the best!

  2. I like the jacket, it is very cool, and totes agree with Katie, aka SpiikerKat - red and leopard: can't go wrong. :)

  3. Hotness! Love that red dress and the bikini! Gorgeous! X


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