Monday, October 20, 2014

Aussie Curves Then and Now

My in a suit! Borrowed for the funeral

As a teen, I had to live in clothes for the over 30s.. It was depressing and I gave up. Uniform was my only dress and as soo as I returned to the dorm, I threw on my jeans and a baggy jumper.

There are so few images of me.. I have NONE from my 20s. Well... Some wedding photos... But that was two weddings ago.. I have had three husbands.

I was married the first time in 1996. Basically unhappy and I think we both felt pressured into it. I could be wrong.. But a lot of alcohol was drunk and often. We have both grown since then. Him faster than me. He met the perfect woman for him over on the other side of the country and they have the most beautiful daughter.  That story worked out..

Jeans and a tee shirt was still my uniform. I had no idea how to dress properly. I lived my life in uniforms or Jeans. Nothing else. Seriously. Two or three pairs of jeans.. Sneakers and a tee. Usually men's jeans and men's tees as they was all that would fit. My work uniform was also ordered from the men's section.

2004-01-30_0745c Yvonne at Clyde Yard
2004 negotiating with Lawyers on the phone

For me.. Took me ages to settle.. I was selling myself short and learned to settle.

I did now branch out into shorts for the summer and I did find a photo of me in a crappy cheesecloth crop.. That lasted one day.. LOL
BAck to men's clothes and hiding.

My third husband followed a string of unhappiness... Assaults and things happened in the intervening time including a Stalker. **Oh goody** I started to wear a lot more black and as much to hid myself as possible. Seriously in the height of summer, I am the weird woman, long heavy clothes and slinking in the shadows.

I gained a heap of weight so now not only was I wearing men's clothes but I had to go to the clothing for large men.. Hmmm.


Then.. photos of me started to appear,..Courtesy of my 3rd husband.

From 33 onwards I have a history in pictures.Some hideous others are ok..

2008-10-29_1342-54a Yvonne at Rasnov
2008 In Romania

Still jeans but now in Teefure shirts.. Down to men's 2xl.. YAY. My confidence was up.

Today. Oct 20 2014
Came out the other side wiser and more able to handle myself. I am strong and can stand on my own two feet. 

Now I walk down the Junee main street with a parasol, mid heels, a swing dress and a huge smile.

Short skirts for the over 40s?? Why the hell now. Kiss my tattooed arse society. 



  1. I am so glad to see you are feeling happy with yourself and confident. x <3 warm hugs

  2. Glad things have been on the up for you for a while! x x x

  3. Thank you! Its been a long journey.. only half way.. :-)

  4. You are such a different person from the day I met you! Its great to see you smile more! From day one you have always been someone I could count on and be there for me and always put others first, it warms my heart to see you taking charge and being the best you, you can be. Love you to the moon and back a billion times over xxxx

  5. Thank you my love. With the support you have been giving me so generously.. Along with a few others (see the lady below) I have made 2014 my year. It's not been easy and ppl now see me as more vain and selfish but after 41 years of putting others first.. This year is for me. Xoxo (BTW.. Mother lobes you.. She calls you Aunty Ben)

  6. you've really come full circle, you seem happy and confident in your own skin, and that really shines through x

  7. Thank you. I really have. This year of me for me has done wonders xoxo

  8. Wow! You really learned to rock your body! You've had a great figure the whole time, so it's fab to see you dressing in fun clothing rather than hiding in menswear.

  9. I loved reading your story! Thanks for sharing :) As you know, I love your style so i'm really glad you've been able to move forward and blossom. We all deserve that <3

  10. Thank you lovely. Xoxo I have been much better this year than any other year in the past

  11. Aw **Blush** THank you so much. XOXO

  12. I had to edit the post as my 2nd ex husband found my blog. OOPS!


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