Back to work

As everyone knows as I haven't shut up about it, I have returned to work almost 2 months after walking out and not looking back. BOOOOOO

Things have changed.. small annoying things.. but nothing has actually changed.

You HAVE to wear an orange lanyard. They don't state you have to wear your ID, just the orange lanyard. Hmm Wear .. If you want us to be identifiable easily.. orange is OK, but glow in the dark would be even better!!!  Least we would find our way when the others take our power...**Sinister noise**

I went to work in a comfy, yet professional (For me) dress from Modcloth.
LOOK~! No cleavage showing

Out of the many I have ordered, I have only kept three modcloth dresses as their sizing doesn't make sense.. I have a 2xl that is too tight.. a 1xl that is huge and anther 2xl that would fit a 3xl person. HMMM GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER MODCLOTH. Either have a seperate size chart per item or make sure your items are a standard size for a single chart. LIKE OTHER ONLINE STORES. ARGH

Shame they have such pretty dresses....

I have (Thanks to Brad on FB) become addicted to City Chic. As I no longer fit into my beloved Autograph clothing, I am thrilled to have a new shop for staples.


Day one was long.. I had to start at 3am. As I am getting older.. My preference of shift has changed from night shift and arvo to night shift and am shift. As am shift is almost a night shift...

Gas leak... unreasonable work on track.. requests to use points that don't exist.. a refuge that they took the over head out of.. FFS. Soon it will be totally straight railed on the west. Useless to everyone. I was sooooo glad to see day work turn up. I couldn't get out of the chair fast enough.

Gave Melissa a lift home and met her cute, well behaved little doggies.

She kindly gave me a drink and we watched BBT. (Fixes everything :-) )
Heading home and I gathered my mail. For a woman on a shopping hiatus.. I'm getting a bit of mail. NOT COMPLAINING but some of these parcels are over a month in shipping. This is domestic! Should be a week at best. 

Day 2 work - Night shift

As I finished at midday and don't start until 2330hrs today, it was essentially a day off. 

I managed to actually get the washing out. YAY! So I bummed around in house clothes. Been getting headache again mostly as I forget my glasses all the time so I am trying to make sure I have them with me. I can't even read my phone usually now. Maybe my eyes are just getting more lazy but the strain isn't worth the pain. 

Managed some treadmill time! Thanks to Melissa providing my with S7 and some of S8 of BBT. Made the time fly! Can have more s8?? 

Had a surprise phone call that made my afternoon. Just as well as the bank rang during my nap JUST AS I GOT TO SLEEP! and then I couldn't sleep..Typical. SOOO Headed off to work with 45 mins sleep. Ugh

The shift started with me beinf bamboozled with the work that was in place.. there is a full shut down except one route into and out of Port Kembla yard.. The yard was having issues coping with the amount of traffic so the flow on went all the way up towards waterfall. One train eventually stabled the train and hitched a ride on the intermodal sitting next to it.  Fair enough. 
I couldn't even give a forecast to the operator. SIGH. The morning peak was affected by this too as a coal train had to come out an odd place.. 

Again I was beyond thrilled to see Cooky walk in. Out of there. By the time I got home, I had been awake 27hours. 


Can haz sleep now?


  1. 3 am shift start? Holy shit, I used to think my 5am was bad enough when I was working at the airport!

  2. I don't mind the very lates and the very very earlies its the all day suckers that kill me. XOXO

  3. Kazza the Blank One09 October, 2014 08:00

    I'm finding S8 BBT to be laugh out loud funny .. quite enjoying it


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