Tuesday, October 7, 2014

City chic photo day 7

Day 7 is print/patterns

Following On from the Aussie posts blog post...  I have pulled on the collectif leopard print top for today's afternoon shift.  My bare shoulders yesterday set the gossips all a twitter and did get them talking about Me.  They have far too much time on their hands..

As you can see..  More bare shoulders.  It's over 30C today and in my jeans I am boiling.  I finish at midnight so I will need warmth then but right now.. Hot! 

I got my Yours order but in the time it took to arrive... I've shed a UK size.  I'm worried now as asos have the same sizing and I may have to pay things back.  Ugh. If it didn't cost so much I would be happier buying from the UK. 

First dress didn't suit and the second was too baggy. 

Leah pulls this dress off but I can't.  Boo.  Read her post and see how it's supposed to look. 

Oops looking grim 
 The the other is  plain black with white accents.  
I didn't take a photo of me wearing it. 

See? Usually my thing. Right?  Wrong.  Since when am I a UK 16? The top at the beginning of this post is a UK brand..  And 3xl and tight.   Hmm hmm hmm. 

Oh well give ebay more money. 

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