Saturday, October 4, 2014

City Chic photo a day.

Party clothes?? I say yes!!

City Chic online have a photo of the day. I will be using this as a prompt for blogtober. 

Day 3 was party

I would totally wear this to a party,. SOOOOO I bought it. Of coiurse. I habe no special clothes.. I just wear vlothes (Now ) that I like so I would wear this to work too.

Oh NO City Chic Sale store!

Day 2 was Bold. 
I will be bold enough to wear this. Bring on summer!

My original bold post

Day 1 was Me. 
This is me on my return to work. At the end of the day.

I am struggling with blogging as I am not caught up with my sleep. I will attempt to at least write the bloog posts at work and then find the photos when I get home. 


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