Sunday, October 19, 2014

City Chic posts

Ihave fallen behind in my City Chic posts

I missed Pelham as frankly I was too tired to be bothered.. I have yet to upload spots.. but here are a few I have done,.

Day 8 Floral

Day 9 Sexy

I adore this City Chic Dress

Day 10 Black and white

Asos Dress

City Chic Shirt

Day 11 Colour

Day 12 Spots

Day 13 Missed Pelpum
DAY 14 Classic

City Chic Tunic. 

Day 15 Fun

Day 16 Casual Cool

Hmm This is MEEEEE!!!

Day 17 I Am....

 The caption I wrote on IG was.. " get down and do.. Wild.. Messy unpredictable living my life.. In colour. Ageing disgracefully and proud... Spontaneous.. One day I may just appear on your doorstep for coffee."  Its true. I flew around the world to surprise someone once. :-) 

Day 18 Glam .. umm...

Yeah.. this is a struggle..

I recycled this image from winter. Its my most glamorous dress

Day 19 Your Fav style

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