Too sad to type about my days..
The shifts have been long and tiring.. Today was enough. I would usually reach for a beer, but today, I'm bleaching my roots and dying my hair again.

In the mean time.. this week's clothing..

Just because I can.

Saturday Hell Bunny

Friday City Chic

Thursday City Chic

Wednesday City Chic

Wednesday without the jacket

Tuesday Hell Bunny Mini

Monday Hell Bunny

Hopefully next week will pick up but I very much doubt it. More Day shifts and AM shifts. Bah. 

My favourite outfit was Wednesday Simple and professional. Comfortable too. 

Off to rinse out my bleach


  1. They are all awesome looks. :) I'm a little bit crazy about Thursday's dress.

  2. That's a great dress. It's fun and simple and so comfy. I'll be getting a lot of use out of it this summer.

  3. City Chic do some really nice clothes.

  4. they do!!! They really do! but damed expensive


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