Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday was the best day..

But not for the fact I had to work.. it would have been mega awesome.
It was early am so I was up and dressed by 3am.. ugh.. Train and I say Jason who gets my usual train, but today I was going to meet Melissa on the train so I waited for the East Hills in 20 minutes.

Work Toilet selfie

Now.. the best part... 
I was on the train and a lady came to compliment my dress.  YAY! Made my day.. I had to stop at Macarthur t I was at the beautician's to have my eyebrows threaded and an older lady said to my that she appreciated my drerss and how its nice to see some one dress as a lady. AW!!!! Very sweet. We had a long conversation before I headed to City Chic to  make a return and .. as soon as I walked into the City Chic store, the manager's mouth opened and she shrieked.. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! I was only in thew doorway and the customers in the shop all turned.. WHEE!!!! Made the red carpet entrance here. ! HHAHA I explained the name of the dress and how it does come in plus sizes. She adored my little hat. (I have to repair it. Broke a clip) . Got my return and paid out the layby I had with the money. 
I skipped back to my car. Confidence at a high. Strangers have no reason to approach and give compliments but it really boosts a person's day. I make a point now of doing it myself. It is nerve wracking but really it makes the other person grin from ear to ear. 

Pay it forward I say!

Home to try on my pretties again to make sure they still look how I think they do. The excitement of a shop can colour an impression so .. Here...
The belt on the blue was also new.

This was just amazing. Random photo. 
Was chatting to a close friend when some boys went past my house walking their pet.
Yup just another day. 

OK the post had some pretties.. alas NOT pretty on me. BOOOOOOO

The ones I liked...

Hey LEAH!!!! MY GHOST DRESS CAME!!!! SQUEE!!!! Doesn't suit me without a belt.. just hangs.. I think as I got an 18 and I need a 16 for my waist but the 18 for my height. Sigh.. Still it is soo cute. The tee-shirt material will be a bit hot for our spring/summer, but such fun!

I was in bed super early.. 2am wakeups are hard!!

Best of all!!!

I'll be in Junee next weekend to cook your lamb meal.  xoxo

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