Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nicky Rockets Shirts

I received my Nicky Rockets shirts all the way from the UK

You guys have seen the first two that were in size L but keps sliding waaaaayyyy down my Shoulders. I do not have small shoulders.. I am a broad female and have a large torso. (see my measurements under the tabs above)

I saw on Betty Pamper the Nicky Rockets tees. I have had to always wanted each one of them but at £15 each I can only get a few at a time. This means the Zombie one I wanted in M slashed is sold out. I still have one to go.. the Betty Pamper one. Again there is no medium Slashed but they strill have lady fit. In AU$ its $45 a shirt. Ouch.

Here are the 4 I have.

The Large, as stated.. was huge on me.. but still sexy.. heehee.. alas the hem where the neck line was slashed has come unraveled. Nothing that can't be fixed.

The Halloween is a Medium and fits perfectly.

The Curveralla is a Lady fit and tight!!! This is an L. Its smaller than the slashed M so if you are thinking of ordering the lady fit go up in size. I would have to go up two from M to XL. The lady fits give such a pretty silhouette. I will be wearing this even if I have to suck in my belly all day.

The shirt itself is high quality and the prints are amazing. I think after a small stitch in the shoulders of the slashed tees, these will last me for years and show off my lovely tattoos.


Go to Leah's blog to see how she rocks the Halloween shirt. Epic awesomeness!!
Leah and the Octopus shirt and here too.. How cute are her glasses!! I have to have them!

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