Monday, October 6, 2014

Odds and ends

This first week back had been super busy and I'm struggling with the needs of my work and my need to retreat to my bed for sleep.

Been super bouncy and motivated the last two days.. So much so I needed sleeping pills to Mellow.  I didn't sleep die to the pills bit it did slow my racing thoughts.  Cool.

A neighbour's teen loves lawns...  He is happy tinkering  with lawn mowers so...  I generously offered to allow him to do my yard.  Yeah...  I'm soooooo nice.. Heh.  I did offer to pay the kid plus I am thrilled to not have to do the lawn myself.  We both win.

NSW moved on to summer time.  The shift was spent ignoring the guys talking about the pay and how the shifts work.  For goodness sake.  Every year... Twice a year.. They have this talk.  Arghh I just want to throw things at them.

I have been to the City chic sale store..  I was avoiding it but they did deliver an order to the store instead of my house..  Least that's what the email stated...  The lady in the store had not received any deliveries all week so...  I was disappointed..  Now, I have seen her store,  and I must resist going back....  I then found through her, the retail store is in macarthur..  Ohhhhhhhh this is bad, plus they do layby...


I have a small wish list..

All out of my price range.  Sigh.. The citrus  jacket would be awesome for my black or pink dresses.  

Hmm i should just stay off the internet. 

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