Shoe Sunday

Due to me changing shoes today.. I have two pairs of shoes for shoe sunday.

Both pairs have been seen on my blog recently.

The first.. A stunning Aqua Suede pair of shoes. From Modcloth. Only $40. I loved them on sight. I have a thing for shoes.. I have a room of stilettos that I can no longer wear as I am too wobbly since I hurt my ankle. (Yet again)
I can't bare to part with them.. SO!! Now I try to only buy shoes that I will wear to work.

These are wide in the toe box.. The soles are slippery but this is easily fixed.

SOOOO Comfortable.

The second pair I wear to work.. Often. Also from Modcloth..Oxford style pumps.. Vegan faux leather.. Hmm. Alas the narrow toe box means I have to have a bandage my toes.  I otherwise find them perfect, the right height to wear them all day without feeling any pain but high enough to give you a swish as you walk.... sexy as!!! Go with everything.


  1. Wow, these shoes are seriously stunning. I especially love the green pair but I am such a sucker for all things any shade of green. :)

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Thanks for the link! You look fabulous in all of them. xx

  3. You totally rock these shirts.. !!


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