Sunday, October 26, 2014

Shoe sunday

I wore these shoes on Friday and although they appeared on my blog earlier in the week.. I was soo impressed with how comfortable they are that I will give them their own post.

The Pining for Poetry heels are my first non black or red shoes ever. Aside from sneakers (Trainers) I have never had shoes of colours as my wardrobe is red and black and white. Very monochromiatic. BUT as 2014 evolved.. so has my wardrobe and colour choices.
SOO when I saw these.. I nabbed them. The big problem is I accidently ordered them twice sooo I have two pairs.
BOOOOOO AT $70 a pair US! Its a mistake that was very expensive to make. ARGH. To return them is almost as much again as the cost of the shoes.

They look cute, a dark emerald green, suede like material were its mat and a synthetic leather type stuff for the glossy highlights.
 Low heel and I spent the whole day in them, even trotting for a train, and standing up. I do find as they go half sizes up to 8.5, from 9 they don't (UK7) BAH. I have 9.5 AU feet so these are a tad small in length. I know from experience, US10 is too big. Sad making. When I find 9.5 shoes I tend to snap them up.

4 shoes may be too many.. 

Still some sizes available at Modcloth so wander over if you love these.



  1. These are so gorgeous. I'm a 10-11 so it can be hard to find shoes, but the next time I am looking I would like to give Modcloth a go. :) These look like something I could - and would - rock! ;)

  2. Oh they are soo comfy for court shoes. The cost is high but worth it for comfy heels


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