Spring storms

Sydney is very seasonal. Not quite as obviously as the northern hemisphere..but our weather is fairly predictable. Spring brings thunderstorms and with that comes rains and fires caused by lightning strikes. Summer is afternoon thunderstorms that are sheet and sweet with loads of energy that relive the turpid air.. Autumn is genteel rain and winter is dry and mild.
Being that storms are the north.. It's amazing to me that we have such crap storm water systems here. .
The last two days have brought thunder storms that have dumped a heap rain..Yesterday the lightning brought the rail network to a standstill, the lightning causing track failures  everywhere, and train it's pantograph off. ADD to this Mix a massive fire at the steel works my area of control and you the idea that, Sydney didn't cope with it's first spring storm.
Today is not much better...another afternoon storm..this time a huge cell of rain swirling in a circular pattern..Time on shore. Yesterday's was south west to the east, today is south east to north west. This means the east hills line flooded. Water to the platform level at Barnwell Park. Again. This is the second time I remember this happening..MY relief tells me, it's the 3rd time her memory.
It's so cold ! The temp today rivals some middle of winter temps. Brrrrr.at this rate my hb coats will be taken out of hibernation..
Lots of track failures tonight but my train is now express to central. It pays to know the system.


  1. My poor chickens were hiding out under their coop and run, one of their favourite places when it rains. However there is usually a let up in the rain and they can put themselves to bed without getting rained on..

    Not last night, there was never a pause in the rain, and they finally gave up waiting and bolted inside as quick as they could..

    I think we might have to make a modification so they can get inside from underneath. Though, it is only rare that this kind of weather happens.. :)

  2. Aw poor chickens.. It was hell last night.


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