Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the night hell froze over

Well last night was a cold and busy as I anticipated.

The people on the west coped the worst of it, they had heavy snow and ice. The railway lost all power, no overhead.. no power to the station and we even had to evacuate a train to an SES Evac centre when they became stuck. The yards were frozen solid and even the freight couldn't pass through.

On the East hills line, the flooding means we had to get a boat to evacuate a train. A BOAT. The people were actually not thrilled as they were warm and had toilets and were taken out to the torrential rain and wind.

My area was hit earlier in the evening so by the time I got there, my colleague had managed to keep it under control. I got lucky.  She stayed back to help the guy on the west. I can't show pics from work so here are some from the news sources.
A thick blanket of snow in Blackheath. Source: Facebook

Blackheath / Picture: Lindsay Holmwood Source: News Corp Australia

A man checks out the floodwaters at Bardwell Park station. Picture: Instagram/nikkiarief Source: Supplied

A new report video

It was FREEZING!! Not the temp but the wind was icy. I was in a hoodie and my winter coat that has been in my locker for 6 months. THANK GOODNESS!
My train was cancelled and the lady arranging the buses left Picton out of the express bus stops. Its a major station on the line. BAH. I had to wait for the next train.

Rain, wind and not enough layers

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