The week from hell - My mother is a changeling

Or as I have stated in the previous blogs.. Hell froze over.

Its bloody October.

October last year as massive fires and took out the Western line in the Blue mountains. It was horrible watching the wild fires wipe out towns and hearing our staff with panic in their voices as fires got close. Hell burned last year.
 This year it froze over. I have blogged about the weirdness of it all. Almost a whole week later and trains are moving slowly but the infrastructure is damaged and staff nerves are frayed. Unhappy people.. My own little area escaped a lot of the fury of the ice storm, but I have had a week of infrastructure failures that have driven me to drink. (Coffee for the record) It got to a point on Thusday that I threatened to walk away from it all and be a shop assistant.

 (Can I get a job CC?? HMM I can dress anyone.. I have the knack)

All that work stress aside.. personality clashes with class mates and I am over it all. I have only been back a fortnight. Sigh

In personal news.... Holding firm with minor paranoia but to be expected. No panic attacks, no screaming arguments.. Just floating along.

Mother and I have been spectacle shopping. A follow up on the cats eye glasses in the window a few days ago.
Mother saw the shop roller door ajar and snuck under the gap to stand in the darkened shop.. It was 0830 and the owner was just starting to open up. He stared at this tiny woman and said they were closed. My mother.. not one to let a minor detail get in the way.. Ignored all this and asked about the glasses I had wet my panties over the night before. They gave her all the details and shooed her out of the darkened shop. (I was told this by Karissa when I went in on friday.)
She messaged me with the cost.. HEAPS!! Oh.. I will never afford those beauties.. BAH.. Then mother stated that they would do layby and I can pay them off when I could. WHEE!! I had to find them online and cost them out and I would have only saved $50 and had no warranty if I had purchased from the USA and saved no money if I purchased from the UK,.  Stupid plunging $$$

Friday I headed up to CBT to pick up my lost belt order from City Chic.. the lady at the outlet store is super awesome and I adore her. She even traded a belt for a jacket. WiN!!
Mother, being a size 8 (UK 10 USA 4/6) was excited to meet the ladies sitting in the store and made friends with everyone even cooing over a newborn that was sleeping angelically in his grandmother's arms.. Who is this lady and what did you do with my mother.. Could it be her meds are making her normal again??
Mother picked up a shrug but the ladies pointed out that her emaciated frame made the shrug gape at the back. They suggested a long cardigan next door (The outlet store has two shops). She whizzed over and found the cardi.. HUGE on her but my mother feels the cold due to having no body fat at all. I see this cardi will be her first love all summer. The ladies were right. The oversized 14 (Really an 18 USA16 or UK 20) Wrapped her up like a merino and she looked even tinier but warm. She blew out of the store filled with energy and was actually happiest I have seen her is a very long time.
We did try on some bras for me.. but she doesn't find anything under G cup and my poor boobies are only a C and I have lost my beloved DD. My pretties don't fit me and I swim in the huge cups. Boo Job in my future??? Hmmmmm
Maybe cheaper to by new bras but I hate my waist being larger than my chest. BOOOOO OK I have to work on this.. In my mind anyway.

We headed off to the optometrists.

We were greeted warmly and without introduction, Karissa stated that she knew I was the person who wanted the guess glasses. HUH? Yes. We took over the store.. Being loud and giggling. The ladies were in hysterics.. Eventually we left.. Me, $500 poorer and mother also $500 poorer.  Well I only did a layby but still money that I have to cough up. Heeheehee
I have found I have a love of glasses and they are accessories to me. I found the most AWESOME red  sunnies. Alas they were in the $170 range.. Too much for just sunnies.

Off to work .. Booo..


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