Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Had a horrible few days. being weepy, whiny and generally hard to deal with. I am aware I can be a 2 year old and frankly my child acted better than I do so, that says something. 

Tried to dress up to make my mood improve.. the old fake it to you make it.. and it sorta worked. Put on outside clothes and you can more easily put on your oputside face. Back to old jocular me. The mask.  :-/
I have had two people manage me and for that I thank them both. Both guys have listened.. soothed.. and one even chastised me as I did deserve it. Thanks guys!!

Its around 0030hrs and today, the 1st of October.. I have to return to my life. I can't hide in my beloved pillow fort anymore. I have to face my real life and soldier on. I have my corporate smile on.. and I am ready to got on with it. 
Terrified? Yes. Will they know it? Only the two that read this blog and they are both trusted to keep their council. Thanks to you two as well. 


My last day off.. 

Feeling old..

I love this shirt although it hides nothing

Driving attire..

Spring dress

I just love this dress. 


  1. Going back to work after a long break is the scariest thing in the world. I hope all goes well. x x x

  2. Thank you my love. It's been a tough week. But week 1 down. **squares shoulders**

    Oh in other personal news... My issue with no O due to anti depressants... Improving on this new drug... Fingers crossed but look like I need to be tested for bi polar. Just what I need

  3. Glad the O sitch is getting better. Good luck getting a BPD diagnosis. x x x


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