A believer in Unicorns

Lime crime.
Some people hate it passionately, some people adore it.

I was on the fence.
I don't like the odd colours and my days of black lipstick are long behind me.. I am a mature(cough)  woman of 42..and I feel lime green lipstick would look silly.. BUT Modcloth had a sale on cosmetics and free international shipping so ... Why not try one.

So I bought Retrofuturist - Advertised as a true red with no orange undertones. Hmm I usually have a plum/blue shade of red so.. OK this should do..

It came in a pink box with a prancing unicorn. COOL. The lipstick is in a pink tube with a glittery unicorn and the lipstick smells like vanilla. OO If I don't like the colour I can just sniff it all day.. hahaha

You have see this colour on my a few times. Recently.. yesterday's OOTD and the day before. It perfectly matches my hair (which is currently Poppy red)

The lipstick DOES smudge onto your cup as do all other lippies BUT the difference.. is the Lime crime STAYS on my lips. I don't have to touch up every hour or just let it go and have nude lips.  Even after coffee and a salad with an oily dressing.. I still had colour on my lips (And cup and spoon and fork)  Total win and 10 points for staying power. From home to work to morning tea.. no touch up..  around 11am (Putting it on at 3am) I touch up and then around 2pm I have lunch.. some tea etc etc etc.. a bottle of coke? meh.. no issues.. At sign off at 6pm, I touch up for the trip home. Thats not completely necessary, but I like to ..  I am SOLD. Totally SOLD on this brand. The fact I can not stress about my makeup through the day makes me happy.

IN Australia, lime crime retails for $25-$28 but in the USA its $18.. ah but, Yvonne yuou have to add shipping .. Well in Australia shipping is $8.25 usually. Lime crime offers an international flat rate of $10.95.. Even with the exchange rate I would be ahead. SOOO From now on I am going to the source..

IN the mean time.. I treated myself to some Velvetines as a lady on FB raved about them
OK.. Today I picked them up as the Makeupnet people had express posted them to me.

I Squeed.. I am such a girl at times..

I put Suedeberry on my bottom lip.. and Red Velvet on my top lip.. In the photos they look very similar but in person you can see the orange tones of the Su
edeberry.  Lets see if they last as long as the lipstick colour.

In the box is also Glamour101 lipstick which I will try tomorrow and Snowsicle for a bit of glitter. I did put this on top of my velvetines as much as I liked the matte look, I wanted to see if the gloss affected the wear.
I found it does make my lips very sticky.. ugh.. probably ok for going out but for work.. it feels hot..
Retrofuturist on left and Glamour101 on right

Right Off to work on a sunny Saturday. XOXO



  1. Least said about the woman behind Lime Crime as possible, ha! But I love the products. I have red velvet and suedeberry. x x

  2. I know nothing of this. Is it google-able?

  3. There will be many hours of salacious details no doubt. ;)


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