All it takes is a compliment

To make someone's day.
I have had some amazing days where strangers come up to me (Which takes guts) and take the time to compliment my outfit or hair. It always makes me smile. I now make a point of doing it when I see someone who need s a lift or had something truly amazing on. NO matter who it may be, I can usually find something about them that I really like.
I even made a friend of a lady in HR by accident. :-) All I did was mention her cool shoes (Did you know I love shoes? hahahah) She and I had a long chat until I had to go to catch my train. She and I both walked away smiling.

A lady sitting at the eyebrow threading place, complimented my Hell bunny dress and again, we had a long conversation.
I specialist in the compliment hit and run,. I excuse myself.. say what I love and then keep walking. Sometimes they stop me and we chat. Always they smile.

Today.. my boss made me a compliment that had me grinning even though it was slightly condescending. He was genuine so I'll take it. :-)

from google

My clothing was called professional. :-) Whee.!!!!


Dress - Modcloth 1X
Shoes Modcloth 9
Belt - Kitty Deluxe

Go forth and spread happiness one compliment at a time.



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