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Skirts.  I have a selection of skirts but more often than not, I'll opt for a dress or jeans.... My issue is the top.  Whilst I love my skirts..I have a top issue.  I'm not a blouse person so I struggle with finding a match.

I'm also a recent convert to slinky skirts.... I have always worn flared, skirts but this year see me try something more form fitting.  I like it!  When I do wear a skirt its usually one of the ones below or a Hell bunny one.

These are my favourite skirts. Not cheap! But all hand made to my shape. Betty Le Bon Bon have the most awesome fabrics and even offer layby, so.. I order a few fabrics and pay them off. 
I feel the most comfortable in them, nothing bites at my waist or is too short, they are the perfect fit. 
AND thousand of people don't own the same skirt. 


As for slinky.. hmmm I have an all time fave in my City Chic skirt. 

Old pic 

I will aim to wear my skirts more often.. they are dwelling in the back corner of my wardrobe outshined by my dresses.. But they are so easy to throw on with a huge belt and a tee.. 




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