Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cleaning part 2

Nov 3
Monday. We were supposed to get up and keep cleaning but D stayed in bed until Brandan popped in later in the am.
I did minor cleaning and just ate breakfast. Listing stuff on ebay and FB.
The boys decided to go to Maccas for breakfast/lunch, so we headed down. I had ebay stuff to post anyway. Whilst there, a Camden car was in the car park so we thought we would ask the cops about the bullets we had found. Only small ones but the law is ridiculously strict. The two cops said they would turn up and take them from us as a surrender.
I had to give a statement and sign the constable’s notebook stating I was surrendering the bullets freely and had to state where I had obtained them. Too easy. I was just happy to be rid of them.
Now to get the rest of the rifle crap off my property.. A friend is uncontactable atm.. he was going to collect it all but seems to not talk to me anymore. Boo. Again he disappears.
Oh well.
By this time.. I had to get some sleep for my night shift so I threw all the men out and went to bed. D headed home to Junee.

Trying new styles

Interesting pattern

Hmm seems unfinished.. 

The stuff that turns up int the house

Still need to throw 4 bedrooms of crap out. ARGH..


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  1. Awww, the blue tongue is so cute. Less so the spider. ;)


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