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I got my limited dress from Pho Sizzle. Its sooo cute! I am a sucker for marine creatures.. one of my totems being an octopus and my family being lighthouse people. SOO I had to get this dress.

Its beautifully made and so unique, Jacquie only making 10 pieces. I HAD TO HAVE IT.. to the point I made multiple begging posts on her blog and IG etc..

She kindly got the dress I wanted.

I have a box desgined body.. This makes some dresses hard to fit around my tiny bust vs my large waist. IF I get the dress to fit my chest, I'd get the 12 but my waist is a size 16. SIGH

SO No fault of Jacquie or Pho SIzzle.. this dress, when it came,. needs to be made smaller in the chest area. (OR, as I said to my husband, I could get a boob job to make me more like the dress. He pointed out that, that would make it a $7000 dress)  Oh to be a girl with a lovely rack. ALAS  that is not my lot in life.  (I can't even get bras in my size easily)

I am getting a curvy friend to model this dress so my pretty will be seen in all its glory but that is tuesday. Until then.. If, like me, you have the same size chest as waist or the smaller chest and larger waist then this is not the dress for you. (Get the seperates instead)

Lovely soft  rayon, made in Hanoi This is a perfect summer dress.

I paid full price for the dress and all views are my own.


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