Tuesday, November 4, 2014

House cleanup!

Returning from Mittagong, we got stuck into trying to clean the house.

Trying.. my house is a shit hole. Decades of hoarding takes a bit to work through. David needs to sort each item, whereas I need to grab a box that has been unopened in decades and toss it. This means I have to back off and allow D to process his stuff.

I did lose it a few times.

I did some outside work, and Brandan turned up to do the lawns.

I moved all the old fence palings that we were going to use for the fence to the street. After years and years of the weight pushing over a wall, it was time to throw them. I found a mother red back spider and we fought over the macro lens to shoot her. Very nice example of a red back spider.
I almost completely cleared the annex when I spotted some movement.. Quick to grab it, I caught a blue tongue. What a lovely animal it was. Missing only one toe and minor skin dryness, for a wild animal it was very healthy.

I got kisses before I let it go away from the neighbour’s yappy dogs. I don’t want my new friend killed by a savage Maltese terrier.

More cleaning. The more we put out, the less in the house, in theory, but it didn't seem to make a lick of difference. SIGH.

Must declutter.. must declutter.. must declutter.

It’s a new mantra.

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