Sunday, November 9, 2014

Magic tattoos

OK not for everyone.. But as most know.. I have a Sak Yant on my left side.

Sak means "to tap", and yant is Thai for the Sanskrit word yantra
Sak yant designs are normally tattooed by ruesi, wicha practitioners, and Buddhist monks, traditionally with a long bamboo stick sharpened to a point or alternatively with a long metal spike.

I was in Thailand and I was determined to get one. Even being a girl didn't discourage me. Just meant I couldn't go to the monks and get one. A monk that touches a female should leave the monestery and that's a too high a price for anyone to ask. Of course now a days, a lot of monks will bend the rules and do it for money. That's not the point.

Magic to me. The fact that I believe in the placebo effect it works if you believe it will . SO I researched through the traditional patterns and didn't see the ONE. Anyone with a tattoo that means a lot knows the ONE. You see it and you know it was designed for your body. Usually the design is not picked by the recipient but the monk. Of course this is not possible in my case.

I was wandering barefoot on an island to the east of Thailand, browsing the tattooist offerings when I stopped short, I actually got that bolt of lightning. I saw MY tattoo. It was MY tattoo. I had no doubt what so ever. I talked to the old man about it and what it represented. We had a longish talk.. ish because we had to return to the boat. I would have had the tattoo done then if I had the time.

I went hunting for the design after I got back to the resort and then David and I went walking down the street to find one of the tattooist shops we had seen from the bus. I LOVE it. The line work done but thai tattooists are superior to anything I have seen in Australia. Boo. Pick up your act Aussies!!

OK I was not able to get it blessed.. but does it matter? Its magic to me.

I have another two planned.. If I ever return to Thailand. For my solar plexus the Paed Tidt and for my right side the eel.

DO you have any tattoos that mean the world to you?


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