Monday, November 24, 2014

Meeting people

I did something unusual for a hermit.

As I rarely stray from my routine.. I tend to live the dull life of a hermit. Its not exciting.. but its reasonably safe. Its a mild form of agoraphobia in that anything that strays from the routine causes stress. Well I get grumpy at least.  :-)

I dressed bright and chirpy and headed off to ...
The sheep dog look
Dancing in my happy dress 


A NEW person..

WHEE. I am improving. I didn't freak at all. :-)

Helps that she was a sweet and bubbly as she is online.
I had a great time. Thank you hun!!

The Lovely lady herself and me. 

Dress City Chic XS Tunic
Shoes Rivers 41.. a half size too big but cute as!! Sorry old stock I found on sale. 
Necklace old from Noni B

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