Monday, November 3, 2014

OK.. After a hectic weekend and frankly previous week.. I can settle into my blogging routine.. Day 4 of November and I am behind 4 days.
Its been tough. I have struggled with anxiety for a few days. Usually it rears its ugly head when I am asked to go somewhere unusual. I have found that to run my life as smoothly as possible, a routine was required.
For certain shifts, I need to be in bed at a certain time, up at a certain time and on a certain train.
Now, when track work is thrown in, I do have a backup plan.. I have a certain time I need to leave in my car to get to work.
When I have to extend after my shift at a last minute due to a no show.. I find my stress rises. I get cranky and irritable.

With this in mind.. David contacted me and wanted me to join him to meet his friends. I so rarely go to his cabin in the valley that the new neighbours were thinking I was fictional. HA., SO after much cajoling, I was talked into going straight from work to Mittagong. I chewed all my fingernails. BOOO Now I really have to get them done. Next pay I hope.
The weather had turned cold. Very cold. I didn’t have a warm jumper. D met me and had alcohol. YAY!

I met his friends and I got a great dinner. The new neighbours put on a mean bbq. Yummy!!! Even met a boy driver. Lovely people.

I had to go to bed though as I had been up since 2am and had too many rum and cokes. Chuckle. First time in a very long time that I had drunk anything.
Up after  a long sleep.. Almost TMI..I know. 
I slept almost 12hrs.
We headed home around lunch on Sunday. Some retail therapy and a subway lunch. The slowest subway ever. By the time they serve your sandwich, its cold. BOOOO.
Sunday needs its own post..

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