OOTD and a Xmas haul

David bought my Xmas present today. :-)

He also made the ladies in the store fal in love with him. :-) They were gushing over him and all atwitter. LOL. Everywhere he goes with me, in the beauty or fashion shops, women fawn over him. He has quite a reputation.


Morning shift which went ok. :- But I was looking forwards to the afternoon.. I was originally going to have coffee with a lady I met but she was not available. BOO I decided to put some money on my medical loan and some on my layby and then get my nails done. I have an office job and so can be girlie.. Whee I was stupidly excited.. First time in my life I was getting my nails done properly. :-)

Work toilet selfie.. Wasn't able to manage outside pics at 3am

I headed off to City Chic to pay a small payment... and... stayed for hours.. trying on the new range.. (I forgot Thursday is NEW STUFF DAY) I twittered around the ladies as they unpacked the boxes and nabbed some tops and a new dress. I couldn't find XS in the pretty dress so tried on the S, and modeled it for the shop, only to have a lady say she put the xs on the mannequin and she grabbed it for me. PERFECT!! Shorts out of the box, High waisted and some peplum tops.. I had to layby them and therefore have THREE laybys.  oops...

This is the S.. I went down a size

Black peplum top and shorts.. 

Poppy?? Yes!!!

I rock red..:-) 

Went to FINALLY get my nails done.. Such a pleasant experience.. A guy did my nails. :-) I found this rather cool. YAY for ppl breaking stereo types.

Red scarlet nails.. Hmm I'm sensing a theme...

New, neater nails


I did't want long as I have to type

David met up with me and I bought him some crocs for is man cave.. Ugly but damned useful.. $5..win.

Returned to City chic after a stop at the electonic stores.. he bought my xmas present and whilst I was shicking women in the CC store.. he surreptitiously paid all my accounts here. The women was cooing over him. I modeled an all black dress with stunning lace detail (the black lace romance dress)  and convinced another lady to also buy it. :-) I tried to get her to wear a large belt, but that was too much outside of her comfort zone. Oh well. she was pretty but didn't see it. 

We headed home only to unload then head off to coles for drinks. My house has only water or beer in stock.. ok... rum and whiskey but no soft drinks.. :-) 

Happy to crawl into bed after the ac makes the room liveable..


David indulged me. 

Kmart dress $9 size 16
City Chic Jacket. Outlet $40

Sleep time





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