A lovely day at work.. yes it is possible.. I had a good crew and I got to watch others get snowed under for once. It was .. um. Interesting,.. Thye main issue is no matter what we do.. we can't win. 

I dressed in colours as is becoming my signature.. I used to wear only black but now.. Rainbows!! 
Today was lacking red.. But thats ok.. I have plenty of red to compensate.

The new City chic Festival empire dress.. I loved it as soon as I pulled it on in the store.. 
Its not perfect though.. I don't have a strapless bra that keeps my shrinking boobs perky.. so they sagged a little.. Hmmm.. 

The dress is tight arouind the arm holes but the next size up was too baggy all over.. The neck halter is almost impossible to do up alone.. 

BUT All that aside.. its colourful and interesting.. :-) 

Had a shit time at the Psycologists. I am still feeling wrung out. I can't believe I was in an office in tears.. for over an hour. Geez. Hopefully step 1 to healing.. 



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