Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pho Sizzle strikes again

I loved this look and originally I thought it was a dress. The top is so fitted it looked like a dress until you reached up. THEN You can see the crop top and the little skirt.
The garments are beautiful. I do find that even using the guide online, the skirt is tight for a 16. In theory I should be close to the 14 in waist but the 16 fit perfectly.

The buttons are very cute.. round and pink.. BUT the roundness of them make them pop open.. OOps.. time to lose some cm.. Again a fitted garment so the fault lies with my rounded belly not the skirt.
I can't fault the top. Its cute, long crop and has the most adorabale heart cutout, a signature of this brand.
The fabric is easy care, I have instructions to just was in cold water and no tumble driers. Fine with me. Wash and hang. Perfect.

Cool to wear, in this heat, cool fabrics that breathe are essential. You honestly feel like dancing when you wear this combo.

As a dress..:-) 
If you havent heard of Phosizzle.. esp my plus sized ladies.. go and have a look. The lovely Jacquline is no longer doing larger sizes but she still has some of her first range. Give her your support so she can keep doing extended sizes in the future. The buck stops with us, the plussed sized community and , although I am now a tweenie, I have been a size 22/4 and would have killed to have access to this style of clothing when big. Designers need support when they do larger sizes and if they don't sell any how can we expect them to keep supplying????

IN the mean time.. Keep dancing like no one is watching.. because they may join in..


What this!!!?? You know you do... Go to Phosizzle Threads! But dont buy My size!! I want that!! :-)
*** I paid full price for my outfit. No one gifted anything. All views are mine alone. **

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