Races - Aussie Curves

Hmm I was caught out last week on the challenge.. life got in the way.. and almost this week.
I never go to the races but there is a race track three towns up, Menangle Park raceway and they do trotting. I have always wanted to go and practice my rusty panning skills.. so in reality, today's OOTD would be my outfit of choice..

Casual Sunday work clothes. Good for photography practice

BUT for fancier races.. I think this Hell bunny.. Its my favourite.. I do have more formal dresses, but if im out all day.. comfort is a factor for me.





  1. That off the shoulder looks good on you. Minxy! xx

  2. Muwa! I love off the shoulder and now can't wear them as often due to work changing its clothing policy. Still.. On a Sunday. Or lovely off days... My shoulders get sun. Now.. Used. To be. Men's tee shirts all the time.


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