Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remote control

After many years of playing with cameras, I finally invested in a remote.
I bought this in August and never used it.
David took it out of the packet and I have been encouraged to use it. :-)

I took such a terrible selfie today that I was totally motivated to get myself organised.

Attempt 1 - Inside late at night with no tripod..
T-shirt from Nicky Rockets
Jeans by City Chic bought from FB
Belt from Kitty Deluxe

Attempt 2 Outside yesterday - Little black dress.. I found a tripod
Dress from Modcloth 1X
Shoes Modcloth SIZE 9 AU (uk 7)

Attempt 3
Skirt - Custom made to my measurements by Betty Le Bonbon
Shoes - Modcloth
Belt - Pinup Couture from the Parrot skirt. (Bought from MissKonduct Clothing)
Hat from Macquarie square cheap shop (sorry don't remember)
Necklace etsy



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