Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shoe sunday

OK Missed shoe Sunday last week.. oops..

This week is simple.
The shoes I have had on all weekend.

River Island is not paved, all dirt roads and its in a National Park, so shoes are essential. The trouble is, we go in and out of the pool and the river so you need shoes to either slip in and off or stay on and be totally waterproof.


They get a bad rap. Not all of the crocs range are the ugly clogs.
Mine are rather pretty.. Well I like them. These are the Kadee shoes you can also get them in black.

Thick sole.. easy to walk in the river and protect my feet or just slip on to shower in the public shower.  I have these in red too.

I also have a velvet pair but I rarely wear those as I use crocs to replace thongs, not being a fan of my toes. Damn I need a pedicure....



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