Monday, November 10, 2014


Been a slow week for blog fodder

And its rare that I am at a loss for things to write about.
I have been attempting to catch up on my letters.. Sooooo many letters and I have let down so many people. I know what its like to be waiting booo yes that was a dig at a friend lol. 

I am a few letters up.. 

What a surprise to find out Australia Post has increased the damned cost to $2.70. FFS. $3 for a piece of paper? Are you trying to go out of business? I adore my snail mail.. this is greatly upsetting..

Been enjoying Ink Master.. I really wish I had the funds to get some more ink. Sigh.. Alas my ink for this year is over as bills have caught up and no longer able to be nibbled at. 

Lonely day. Sigh. 

OOTD MOnday 


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