Yellow fever

The day was cool ( for Sydney) and grey..
The best way to deal was to wear yellow.  I had to wear a cardigan/shrug all day as it was COLD!!

 Having spent a lot of time at Macarthur.. David has banned me from the local store but I found a loop hole. Besides I was shopping for a colleague who wanted a tunic that I had. I knew it was on special at the clearance store so after David's help (I had to get a loan) I managed to get Melissa's tunic in time for her party. I was relieved to see it fit her and her baby belly.

This tunic

ANYWAY I got a lot of compliments from strangers today. :-)

I finally tracked down my tea cup. :-)

Took walkiong all over sydney but I managed to find one PLUS today was Thirsty Thursday and I got an extra discount. WIN!!!

David Jones had a lego tree!!!


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