Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Aussie Curves - Favourite feature - BOOBS

My Favourite feature are my breasts. 

OK I am over 40.. I have lost a heap of weight so they are no longer as full and perky as they once were but!! Though the magic of modern pushup bras.. they have the fullness nature robbed them of. I love my breasts.. they make my waist seem small and with their pretty tattoo, they scream here we are!!! How can I go wrong!

Without them, my dresses woudl look silly. This really hit home today when I put in a maxi dress and after strugging to control my bra..l I looked in the mirror and saw.. YEAH. The girls look great today. Totally worth it.

My breasts give this slinky maxi its curves. 
What's your best feature????

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