I had a night away.. Not really a break just a change of scenery. I wrote a bleedoing heart blog entry that I have yet to decide if I want to m,ake it public and a Shoe sunday post that wo9uld have been only slightoly late if I had had some internet on my laptop.

Best laid plans and all that.

Had the dreaded day shift and I was hyper stressed.. Not from work but from my turmoil. Didn't stop me from working but I certainly found it hard to keep food down. Straight after work I headed to the pub for a few schooners.. Well appreciated beers.. The pub I had chosed, mostly for its food, wasn't a Carlton pub but a Tooheys pub so I had to stick to Toochey New. Sigh. The things we do. I was at the pub for over 3 hours.. mostly writing. Random writing and a bit of reading but my brain wont settle on the page so I tend to skim atm and books are lost on me. No longer can I demolish a book in a day. BOOOO
After several lone beers.... 

I headed off to my crappy hotel room around 2200hrs.. Dinner was lovely. I really enjoyed the mixed grill (Don't worry I shared it) The AC wasnt working and this meant I didn't sleep well as the room was so humid. A call to reception got the night manager up to fiddle with the settings but to no avail. She offered to send up a floor fan. Geez. why not just have opening windows. Ugh Still.. happy to not be commuting at 3am as I usually do.

OOTD Yesterday City Chic Tunic and my trust Rivers shoes  (Both old stock)

Today I wore something that made me feel fabulous. If you don't like semi nudity then go on to another post.  Its the simple things like a matching lingerie set that can improve a chaotic mind. Something about matchy matchy (As a friend said to me) that soothed me.

See all matchy blue. 

Over the top was my staple of my work wardrobe.. the Chic Chic Bubble hem tunic. Althiugh I couldn't find my favourite belt before I left, I managed to just deal.

I had to see if the image was focused.. hence the glasses

Work was awesome in that nothing went wrong.. besides a puppy dog being hit due to owners not being more vigilant. BAH. Its always the animals that suffer.

OK.. Had 5 parcel notifications but only three in my mail box. HMMMMMMMM Booo Norma will track stuff down later. A shame that Pho Sizzle parcel didn't come. BOO Australia Post.

OK more of OOTD for today and a new Singlet. I have new love for bubble hems.. :-) 


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