Thursday, December 25, 2014

I've taken a few days to lick my wounds

Everyone has a time that they have to hide from the world. Through this, I have had people that I have not heard from in a long time pop up and check up on me.

I really have great friends. 
Yummy Ham

Ben and Drue came down to Junee for an Xmas visit. We were having our xmas dinner early. Peter and Ben (Another one) joined us.

Ben helped me bake the ham which was huge!! 3kg.. He made a fabulous Glaze and had brought chocolate cake and a lemon tart. I make 5L of trifle there after known as Diabetes. I used so much custard, cream, jelly, magoes and strawberries. I was thrilled that the boys ate most of it. They sat outside and talked trains whilst Ben (The first one) went for a walk with me, the hound and the offspring.
We had to cut it short as it started to rain.. Boo..

Had to get up super early so, I left all the boys to their talk and went to bed.

The am, David, Ben and Drue drove me to Wagga Wagga for my lip tattoo to be redone. The offspring stayed home and watched DVDs. YAY for teens. I love that he can be left safely alone with the dog.
Trip home was via picton for the mail and CC Campbelltown to collect all my waiting orders from the past month. Fabian helped me choose what to return and what to keep.
Fabian says keep

Fabian says Keep

Fabian says return. (I did) 

Yesterday's panic attack was caused by so many people crowding around me and even as I stood trembling next to a pole, people would still walk into me and the pole. FFS.. Seriously! What a wonderful new development in my stupid brain.

Aniseh got off the train and rescued me, taking me to City Chic (Not the banned one) and she ferretted around for sale items. I had arranged with the sales ladies to wrap a present for her. This is why I was in the city. The things I do. I knew what dress she wanted and I got it for her. There was only one in her size and I wanted to make sure she didn't miss out.

Onwards to work and when I walked in, I was told I was on standby. NOOOOOOOO

Oh well. Here are the OOTD and the City Chic bras (that were on sale) of the past few days.

Driving outfit
Xmas day heading home

Merry Xmas everyone XOXOX

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