Maxed out

I was anti maxi.. Really I couldn't imagine anything worse on a hot day than meters of fabric swirling around you.. BUT Being a person who is attracted to colour.. I had to try the new (Two weeks ago) maxi at City chic.

Mostly because as I saw it on SpikerKat's IG's stream
Stunning right?? I ordered one immediatley. It was a friday so I had to wait.... whaaaaaa!!! HAHAHA

Well it came and its stunning!!!

Was going to pose outside but it started to pour... and then my camera went flat. BOOOOOO

Pretty huh?? I can dress it up with heels or down with flats. The skirt part is not lined but the top is lined. It has three lots of hanger ribbons so they wriggle out on me.. Grump.. The empire waist is perfect for my figure so I don't look big, or pregnant or how ever I usually do in a maxi...
There is that plasticy stuff near the breasts to keep it up. And you can see it grazes the ground in my 174cm frame. If you are shorter than me, you may find it too long.  Heels may fix this if you are only slightly shorter than me. Any shorter and you will need a tailor for hemming. (Or a good friend)

Dress - Colour Weave Maxi dress
Handbag - Secret santa gift.
Necklace  - Sandy Beach Boutique in Junee

What has surprised you recently when you tried it on???



  1. This dress is stunning. :) I find maxis to be very cool, but maybe I just keep buying the right material.. :)

  2. Thank you. I have a new way of thinking about them


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